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Our United Mission

We are a team of tutors who know that science and math can be both confusing and rewarding. As rising seniors at Hamilton College, we hope to walk along side high school and undergraduate students in this time when a friendly face and knowledgable partner can make all the difference. Our goal is not only to help with specific problems, but to hone study habits and to open up new perspectives on these disciplines. Sometimes, half the battle is how you look at the problem. We're here to help you look closer than ever before.

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I’ve been tutoring college students in chemistry, biology, and math for two years, and recently began tutoring in computer science as well. I’m a proud nerd about a lot of things (don’t get me started on Harry Potter...), but academically my focus is on biology, which is my major, and computer science, which is my minor but would’ve been my second major if I’d discovered it a year earlier. Lesson learned: don’t be afraid to explore new things that are out of your comfort zone!

What I love most about STEM (and about tutoring!) is the focus on problem-solving. I love sitting down with a question and figuring out how to find its answer.


But I know that sometimes the problems can be intimidating, which is why I approach tutoring with the mindset (gained from my tutoring experience and two years of genetics research) that two heads are better than one. Sometimes it just helps to have another pair of eyes and a fresh perspective. These experiences have also shown me that sometimes a gentle push in the right direction is all that's needed, and other times it takes going down several wrong paths before finding the right one to really understand the essence of a topic. Sometimes you need both. It’s is hard work, and it takes time, but it’s so, so worth it.

"Creativity is intelligence having fun"

- Albert Einstein


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